Top 5 Essentials Sports Bettors Want from a Sportsbook

th-47If you know what sports bettors want from a sportsbook, as a sportsbook affiliate, you’ll be able to target that interest by tailoring the content and SEO of your site’s pages. But what does the typical sports bettors want?

It can be a combination of various features, tools, and opportunities. We have managed to distill these wants into five key essentials. Here are those five essentials.

Lots of Action

The major thing that sports bettors are looking for from a book is action and lots of it. Plus, they want to be able to bet on as many games, matches, and events as possible that lie within their area of interest.

Some of the most popular sports to bet are soccer, NFL and college football, and basketball. Soccer is the by far the biggest sports betting market in the world. So make sure that you highlight that if you are trying to appeal to bettors in Europe and South America, as well as Asia.

American football is huge in the US and has growing interest in other parts of the globe, but compared to soccer’s worldwide appeal, it is a distant second. Basketball, the NBA and college hoop, are both very big in the US.

Rugby and Australian Rules Football are major betting markets in Australia, and rugby also generates quite a bit of interest in the UK. Thus, if one of the sites with which you’re affiliated provides a great quantity of action in any of these sports, focus your pages on these markets and those geographic regions in which they are popular.

Best Odds

Let’s face it, punters love deals and many times the deals they are looking for are in the odds offered. If you are linked to a book that tends to give and extra half-point in the spread or a moneyline that pays a bit more than their competitors, make sure that bettors know about it. Such deals will attract them and entice them to sign up.

Low Juice

Some sportsbooks specialize in low juice, that is, charging less of a commission to take a bet. This is also very attractive to bettors, especially those who wager a lot. Low vig can save high volume sports bettors a lot of cash.

More Betting Power

Best odds and low juice are two features that give bettors more power. Another way that punters can get more for their buck is through any special bonuses and offers your books offer. These include first deposit and reload bonuses.

Also free bets and cash back offers help to expand a punter’s bankroll. If a book has any type of promotion or bonus that gives a player an extra bet or two, then inform them of such. Many times sportsbooks will give bonuses that coincide with the start of a specific sport’s season. Highlighting these can result in your seeing more traffic come your way and, with that traffic, more conversions.

Easy Navigation and Simple Betting Process

One aspect of a sportsbook’s website that can set it apart from others is its navigability. Books that make it easy for bettors to find the sport and game of their choice, to access odds and props, and to make bets will be much more attractive than those that do not.

If a site is easy to use, then let bettors know about it and tell them why. They will definitely want to check it out.

Focusing Your Content

One way to develop your content and SEO your pages concerning the five essentials described above is by dedicating a page to each topic and focusing those pages on the books that meet the respective criteria. Provide links to those sites on these pages, as well as other appropriate links to other pages on your affiliate website.

If a sportsbook has features that allow it to be highlighted on two or more of these special pages, make sure you inform your visitors of this fact. That will make that book even more attractive to them. Use your knowledge of what sports bettors want to direct them to the books providing those features, and you’ll increase your conversion rates.