Sportsbook Affiliates: Pushing Your Visitors to Your Select Sites

sportsbetting678If you’re a sportsbook affiliate, chances are you are offering bettors who visit your website various choices concerning the books that you have on hand. There are some bookmakers who will offer you bigger and better commissions than others and/or who will generate more business than others due to what sports they focus on or the number of markets that they cover, and thus will bring you more cash.

Thus, you’ll want to push bettors towards those specific sites. There are various ways to do this while still offering bettors the chance to sign up at the other books and ensuring that they too will get some business and offer you a return.

More than One Book

Encourage sports bettors to sign up at more than one book, while making sure that they know which offer the biggest number of soccer markets, the most NFL and college football props, the best basketball, cricket, and rugby. These markets tend to attract a large number of bettors from different parts of the world. But which sports are attractive to those in a specific region? Here are a few insights into that question.

Asian bettors tend to focus on soccer, cricket, badminton, and table tennis, as well as rugby. In England, some of the favorites are soccer, cricket, and rugby. In the U.S., it’s the NFL, NBA, and college football and basketball, while soccer is also starting to garner a lot more interest amongst American punters.

If you’re looking to attract people from these different parts of the world, then make sure they know which of those books that you offer can give them the betting opportunities that they crave. And, as noted, encourage them to utilize more than one book, especially in terms of getting best odds on a specific sport or for the sake of market coverage of that sport.

Highlight Horsebooks

Many sports bettors also wager on the horses and some on the dogs. It’s true that these are separate from sportsbooks in terms of how a specific bookmaker features them, as they have their own specials, promotions, and wagering tickets. However, there’s a lot of crosspollination between sportsbooks and racebooks, and you want to take advantage of it. In order to do so, take some space and time in your sportsbook reviews to highlight their racebook if they have one and include the markets that they cover, the types of bets offered, and the various promotions they provide.

Best Books

For each of your major sports, provide a page that focuses on which online bookmakers are the best books for that particular sport and explain why. It could be the number of markets they offer, the props they include, or the fact that they tend to give bettors the best odds. Make sure each of your affiliates makes at least one of those pages (if not more). Still, you want to be selective and highlight the fact that these “best book” pages are not all inclusive, but, rather, very selective in their focus and that there’s a lot to recommend every sportsbook that you carry on your website.

Also, you may want to provide information on best books for bonuses and promotions, futures, and props. There are bettors who decide on a book based on these features and less so on the sports that the site offers.

Special Promotions for that Sport

Always make sure that those who visit your site know about any promotions related to a specific sport. If a bookmaker is offering free soccer bets, cash back on racing losses, an extra bonus on deposits the week the NFL starts, a special competition related to a specific event, tournament, or series, then provide information about it. Use as many angles as you can to get the attention of a sports bettor. Remember that every person who bets on sports is looking for an edge in some way. If you give it to them, you’ll create instant interest in your products.

Choice is Important

When you run a sportsbook affiliate website it is very important to remember that by offering bettors a range of choices in books that you are benefitting them and, also, benefitting yourself. Choice is important, as it allows you to appeal to the greatest range and number of sports bettors while also giving you the chance to focus specifically on markets that will attract one type of bettor and others that will appeal to another type.