Sportsbook Affiliates – Know Your Target Audience

sports bettors87It’s important if you have a sportsbook affiliate website that you know your target audience. In simplest terms, your target audience is comprised of those who follow a specific sport or sports and who are looking to make cash through betting online.

But in order to ensure that you are attracting your optimum target audience, you’ll need to go deeper than that. Once you understand what type of person you want to appeal to, you’ll have a better understanding of how to attract them.

New Bettors with Cash

You definitely want to bring to your site those who are new to the game of sports betting and who have cash. New bettors with cash will tend to use it and will learn some lessons while losing it. They’ll make big deposits, and they may even make big bets.

In order to attract them, you want to have some solid resource materials on your site, including information on first deposit bonuses, how sports betting works, and popular bets such as parlays. Help that new sports bettor with money get into the action as quickly as possible.

Avid, Nonprofessional Bettors

Another good target audience is comprised of those who love betting on sports but are in no way professional gamblers. Often referred to as the “betting public,” they love to wager on big games and follow the crowd. They are often moderate volume bettors who wager weekly. They usually bet on more than one sport and/or league.

This type of bettor loves deals, including bonuses and free bets. They like easy-to-access information on games that is, overall, watered down, making it fast to read and easy to consume. Chances are this type of bettor is not crunching a lot of numbers prior to making their wager. Instead, they are basing their bet on past history, one player making a difference, or a hunch. Get them to your website.

Bettors Who Are Fans First

The fan is great bettor to attract to your site for two reasons. The first is they will rarely tire of the sport, which means they will stay interested in their team and the division and or conference in which it resides for the duration. They will even stay connected in the off-season.

The other reason you want to get these bettors to your website is they tend to wager with their heart rather than their head. They’ll usually win a low percentage of their bets, but will continue wagering despite this.

Bettors Who Enjoy Props

Bettors who play props a lot come under the category of nonprofessionals. The great thing about props bettors is they tend to make a lot more wagers on one game and over the course of a week than those who only play moneylines, spreads, and over/unders.

In trying to attract these sports bettors focus a page or more on the props market. Offer some insights into prop betting, connect bettors to sites that offer a wide range of props, and explain how props work. Help the potential proposition bettor who visits your site make the transition to becoming one.

People Who Play Teasers

If someone players teasers, it means that they play parlays. At the same time, it also means that with the teaser they are undercutting their potential profit dramatically, which means they get less of a return while risking the same amount of cash they would on a regular parlay.

Teasers are great deals for sportsbooks and bad deals for bettors. Anything that is good for the book is good for someone who runs an affiliate website. Make sure your visitors know what a teaser is and how it works in terms of lessening their risk.

Get Bettors to Your Site

The five types of sports bettors described in this blog are those who can end up making your sportsbook affiliate site very profitable. They will tend to wager throughout the year, will not necessarily make the best decisions, and will usually leave cash with the bookmaker. All of that means more profit for your affiliate site. For maximum profit, get those sports