Top 5 Essentials Sports Bettors Want from a Sportsbook
If you know what sports bettors want from a sportsbook, as a sportsbook affiliate, you’ll be able to target that interest by tailoring the content and SEO of your site’s pages. But what does the typical sports bettors want? It
Football Seasons Are Almost Here: Gear Up Your Website – Part I
American football, the NFL and college, and soccer are about to begin league play in a few weeks. Soccer starts first, as many of the cup tournaments come to an end, and the NFL and college sports begin a few
5 Top Ways for Sportsbook Affiliates to Use Press Releases
The press release is still an effective marketing tool, but today it is often underused. Although it may seem like a device that was much more useful during a bygone era when newspapers were plentiful, the fact is the press
SEO & Your Sportsbook Affiliate Site: Some Misconceptions Many Have
Search engine optimization (SEO) is not mystical nor is it magical. SEO is the primary tool by which those who are searching for your services can find you webpages automatically. It, in essence, levels the playing field, in that when
Sportsbook Affiliates: Know Your Online Books and Competitors
If you own a sportsbook affiliate website, it is essential that you educate yourself on two things- the sites with which you are associated as well as those that are direct competitors with those online sportsbooks that you represent. Doing
Making Your Sportsbook Affiliate Website a Betting Library
If you run a sportsbook affiliate website, you can opt to go with the basics. The basics include a homepage that provides information and links to the affiliates you want visitors to join, a page about how online books work,
To Buy Links, or Not To Buy Links, That Is the Question
2013 has arrived. Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates are now (mostly) behind us. To see a nice graphical summary of the Panda update, click here. Google’s lead engineer Matt Cutts has indicated the search giant will continue to tweak
Moving Forward: Practical Advice for Sports Betting Affiliate Marketers
Our final installment of SEO articles regarding the Google Panda update by Brendan Meehan.  This article is a continuation from his last article. The history of Google’s recent changes is important for context, but means little now that affiliates must
Too much SEO/Banner heavy sites – Google Panda Update
In Brendan’s last article he discussed  Links Au Naturale in the latest Google Panda update.  In this article Brendan now focusses on SEO/Banner heavy sites – yep that’s most of the affiliates out there, so read on. A Minor change:
SEO for Sports Betting Affiliates After Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates
Seasoned sportsbook affiliate Brendan Meehan has written a series of articles we will post over the coming days about taking back your traffic following Google Panda’s update.  Here is the first installement from Brendan. Beginning in the Spring of 2012,