Sports Betting vs. Fantasy Sites – Expanding Affiliate Offerings
Sports betting is a huge industry and if you have a sportsbook affiliate website, you know that bettors are always looking for an edge, a venue with value, and a way to utilize their bankrolls efficiently and effectively. New trends
Sports Betting Affiliates That Serve the U.S. Are Important to Success
If you have a sports betting affiliate website, it’s important that you include in your roster of affiliates those that take U.S. sports bettors. There are various reasons for this with the primary one being that there are billions of
Sportsbook Affiliates: Attracting the Multifaceted Bettor
Some sports bettors are just that. They wager on sports only. They don’t play casino games, slots, poker or the horses. But there are those sports bettors who are attracted to poker, which, like sports betting, involves a certain amount
Major League Baseball- How Sportsbook Affiliates Can Use the Long Season
Major League Baseball (MLB) offers more games than any other professional league in the world. Each team plays 162 regular-season games. That’s a total of 2,430 games each season. The games are played over a 26-week period, starting in early
How Sportsbook Affiliates Can Attract Sports Bettors Anytime of the Year
If you’re a sportsbook affiliate, there are various techniques, services, and features that you can offer to attract and engage visitors throughout the entire year. It’s fairly easy to get sports bettors to your site when a new season is
Sportsbook Affiliates: 5 Tips for Using Facebook Effectively
If you run a Sportsbook affiliate website, you want to get as much targeted traffic as possible. It’s even better if you can build a following that will check in for new special offers, utilize new products and services you
Sportsbook Affiliates: Offering Sports Bettors the Markets They Want
If you’re a sportsbook affiliate, you want to be able to attract as many sports bettors as possible to your website and convert a substantial number of those players. Getting them to your site is one thing and converting them
Sportsbook Affiliates: First Deposit Bonuses and Free Bets
There are various ways that sportsbook affiliates can attract traffic and covert visitors. Posting reviews of the various books on your site will help, especially if you are able to highlight the types of bets, range of sports, and incentives
Playoff Frenzy in U.S. Sports: Affiliates Can Exploit the Second Season
The U.S. offers sportsbook affiliates a full year during which they may attract sports bettors. The number one regular-season bet sport in the U.S. is the NFL with college football being a close second and then followed by the NBA
NBA Offers Sportsbook Affiliates Great Earning Potential
The NBA is a league that every sportsbook affiliate should have on its radar. It offers amazing potential for affiliates when it comes to ongoing earning opportunities, as there are various times when you can push the league and the